Delivery of ice sculptures for events taking place in Varna, Bulgaria and the region.
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About Us

Imagine that you are invited to a wedding. Going on a high note, the atmosphere is festive and stylish, and in the hall welcomes you a large translucent sculpture that glows magically colored. Touch it timidly and you can not believe ... ice!

This is the emotion that we at Ice Art have experienced ever away from home. Since then it was a goal for us to make it possible for more people to experience the pleasure and enjoy the beauty of the crystal clear ice sculptures and ice bars. To our great happiness that is already a fact. Ice Art was founded in the city of Varna. In our studio we create ice figures for you to make a magical atmosphere on weddings, anniversaries, fairs, festivals, sports events, private parties, corporate events and many other occasions.

We are here to make your event unique and memorable for you and your guests!

Our ice sculptures

The beauty of an Ice Sculpture is that something so perishable is sculpted into a work of art only to be viewed once. We create оur ice sculptures in our studio using a special technology that makes the ice transparent. The creation of an ice figure takes about 3 to 4 days. The transparent ice is very thick because there are no air bubbles in it. Therefore ice sculptures can adorn your event, preserving its original form, for at least 6 hours at room temperature.

Selection of ice figures by catalog or custom designs

Choose from our catalog : heart with pigeons or majestic swan for your wedding, female body luge for your crazy party, clam shell for serving seafood and many others. If you have an idea for a different ice sculpture, share it with us and we will realize it together. The possibilities are endless.

High service quality

We love what we do and we believe that if we develop and become better and better we can be always up to date and cover the expectations of our customers.

It is our pleasure to be your reliable partner and together to turn your ideas into reality.

Impressive presentation with LED lighting

To make sure that our primary mission will be fulfilled, namely to delight and impress all your guests, we care about the most appropriate presentation for each ice sculpture. For this purpose, we put the ice figures in beautiful acrylic displays with integrated LED lighting and illuminating them in a color that you choose.

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